A History of Making a Difference

45 Years of Making Better Food and Better Lives



In 1975, AFC (American Food Company) was established in Los Angeles, as a family business, and has grown to become the premiere brand for soy products. Today, AFC is one of the largest soy products manufacturers in the United States, and our nationwide distribution channels offer a diverse line of delicious products available in regional, national and Asian markets across the country.



First and foremost, we are committed to “natural products for a healthy lifestyle”. This means that AFC uses only non-genetically modified organic soybeans grown in the United States. AFC’s organic line of tofu is USDA-certified organic, Certified Non-GMO, and absolutely none of our products have any additives or preservatives. We are all about bringing healthy food options to the community at affordable prices.


We have proudly been a part of the fabric of Los Angeles through good times and bad. We sponsor and participate in local community events helping all to eat healthy and be healthy. Please contact us in regard to your event or cause. AFC also has provided careers and growth for people of all colors and nationalities under one roof. We’ve made a difference in people’s health and well-being. We are a “family-business” that extends far beyond the strict definition of family.


AFC works with nationwide chain restaurants and supermarkets by providing top quality ingredients. You may have enjoyed AFC branded soy or tofu and not even have known it.

Today, AFC produces over 8 tons of tofu daily along with its other popular products in our state-of-the-art facility.

We provide food service options for restaurants, delicious products for consumers, and business opportunities for those with a dream to create—just as we have been doing for 45 years.

So join us, cook with us, team with us, grow with us and be part of a unique American experience. American Food Company—AFC!