Yuba/Soy Sheet & Sticks

Not to be confused with sushi soy wraps, the AFC soy sheets and sticks, otherwise known as ‘yuba’ or ‘beancurd sheets/sticks’, are made with high quality NON-GMO soybeans in a traditional Cantonese style method. The soy sheets are delicately made by carefully heating up fresh soy milk and separating off the top veil (layer) one sheet at a time. The soy sticks are rolled while the soy sheets are kept in its original form. This results in a firm texture but is deliciously soft and melts in your mouth at the same time. The soy sheets can be used as wraps for vegetarian rolls or spring rolls and can be fried as well. AFC soy sheets and sticks are high in protein and contain zero cholesterol. These products can also be used as a pasta substitute (shred the sheets/sticks) and when added to soups or stews, holds the flavor of the liquids quite well.