Egg Tofu

The AFC Egg Tofu and Extra Soft Tofu products are made with NON-GMO soybeans. Manufacturing these items can be tricky and requires an unique way to create the finished product ‘tube’ look. We extract the juice from soybeans to create an extremely fine viscous soy milk substance and infuse it with a liquid egg formula; thus, giving its name ‘egg tofu’. Likewise, the same procedure applies to that of the Extra Soft Tofu, with the exclusion of liquid egg. These items go through a separate production line to prevent cross-contamination and are then packaged in a tube form rather than a cube form.

The Egg Tofu yields 6g of protein per every 3 oz (equivalent to the size of your palm) while the Extra Soft Tofu has 5g of protein. Nonetheless, AFC tube tofu offers you a unique way to use tofu.