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AFC is the perfect partner in building your business.

Let’s Work Together.

AFC’s tradition of “Lean Manufacturing” means the finest products, strategies and support to help your business grow.


We are experts at sourcing and developing the ingredients needed for many private labels.

In the past 45 years, we have created hundreds of products for our own label and for others. This experience has led us to be a leader in developing products and taking them to market. This “Lean Manufacturing” results in lower costs, higher profits and quick market entry.

We are also experts at sourcing and developing the ingredients needed for businesses to create their restaurant offerings and CPGs.

Of course, everything we do falls under the HACCP Program (Multi-Phase Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program ensuring safety and quality.


When you need a partner to take your business higher, look no further than AFC for Private Label Branding.

At AFC, we’ve helped produce dozens of consumer-ready products—offering the quality and consistency of AFC, with your branded marketing identity.

We also offer Local Delivery and Nationwide Distribution to get your product into the hands of consumers wherever they may be.

Yes, our products may become your products, and both companies will grow and helping other businesses to thrive.


If you have a dream product, we can help make that dream a reality. Our history of creating the best soy products is unmatched.

  • Our facilities are the most modern and efficient in the industry.
  • Our product knowledge is unrivaled.
  • We will leverage our business relationship to your advantage.
  • Our HAACP Program ensures product safety and quality at each & every step.
  • We are experts at packaging, marketing and distribution.


Tell us about your ideas and we’ll bring them to life.