Our History

American Food Company (AFC) was established in 1975 and started out 1as a humble and modest soy products manufacturer in Alhambra, CA (40 minutes east of Los Angeles, CA) producing roughly 300 pounds of high quality tofu daily.  The popularity of AFC tofu soon spread throughout Southern California due to the exceptional taste and texture unparalleled to other soy manufacturers of its time.  The Asian-American community was hungry for authentic soy products and with high demands from its loyal customers AFC soon completed research and development on other specialty soy products such as baked tofu, soy pudding, and beancurd sheets (yuba). Within the next 20 years, the company would become the preeminent tofu producer on the west coast United States.

In 1990, AFC purchased a 100,000 square ft. property and built a larger, state-of-the-art tofu production facility in Los Angeles.  Soon after, AFC streamlined its production equipment into a lean manufacturing process and with a strong combination of innovative technology and a well-experienced well-trained production department, an increase in production efficiency allowed AFC to extend its capacity to accommodate customers nationwide.  In addition, it has allowed AFC to offer and provide private label branding and custom manufacturing services to others in both retail and wholesale food industry.

A decade after American Food Company (AFC) was established, AFC Trading & Wholesale, Inc. was founded to fulfill the rapidly growing demand of Asian food service in Southern California.  As the umbrella company, AFC Trading & Wholesale is the direct distributor that carries AFC branded products along with hundreds of other food items in different categories imported from various regions throughout Asia.  These items include a variety of products and ranges from fresh, frozen, dried, canned, bottled and chilled to meet the needs of the growing Asian-American community and Asian-fusion inspired dishes.

Today, AFC produces more than 8 tons of tofu daily along with its other popular products, baked tofu and soy pudding.  The AFC brand of products can be found in both Asian-American and American mainstream regional and national retail supermarket chains, health food stores, and also used in nationwide restaurant chains and other food manufacturers as part of their ingredient base.  With hundreds of soy product varieties to choose from, AFC Trading & Wholesale is proud to serve and act as a ‘one-stop soy shop’.

From humble beginnings, the company now has diverse product lines to meet the needs of the communities it services; and from a few items to the present day inventory of over several hundred items, AFC has become the premier brand for soy products in the Asian-American soy food industry and continues to be one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of soy products established in the United States.

To travel back in time to see how AFC was founded, view our chronology timeline.