AFC Re-launches Their Fried Tofu Line with Improved Quality and New Packaging

Los Angeles, CA (August 1, 2014) – AFC re-launches its fried tofu line this month with an improved sponge-like texture that easily absorbs any flavor and taste. AFC decided to bring this product back to provide consumers with a kind of fried tofu that is different from the competition. AFC Fried Tofu is made with 100% Non-GMO soybeans, flashed-fried with Non-GMO soybean oil and then immediately packaged to maintain the quality of the product.

“Our improved quality has allowed for an extensive shelf-life duration with our new specialized production and packaging system.” said Mr. Wu, Vice President of Operations, “there is even an actual piece count indicated on each package, no more guessing how many pieces, which other brands leave consumers questioning.”

These golden colored puffs with a soft fluffy center are available in four different shapes; mini, cubes, blocks or wedges. AFC Fried Tofu puffs are ideal in soups, stir-fried with shredded meat and vegetables or stuffed with your favorite ingredients such as meat or mushroom. The use of an automatic cutter allows for each of the four shapes to be uniform making it the optimal cooking ingredient. The fried tofu line also has a redesigned look and packaging that allows for longer shelf life and freshness.

A premiere manufacturer of soy product since 1975, AFC was one of the first soy manufacturer in the west coast and based out of Los Angeles, California. AFC believes that living a healthy lifestyle starts off with what you put in your body. By promoting the health benefits of soy through product sponsorship around the Los Angeles community, the company hopes to pass on this vision to future generations of healthy eaters. AFC uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in its products and sources non-genetically modified organisms (GMO) soy beans grown in the US. In addition, the organic tofu line uses only certified organic soybeans. Furthermore, all of the soy products manufactured have no additives or preservatives. AFC is well known in the Asian American community, but it is the company’s goal to introduce the goodness of soy to all other communities nationwide.

For more details or media inquiries, contact:

AFC Media Relations
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